2005 : A year of duos : DUO LE BIGOT / SIBERIL : Two guitar players who have profoundly influenced music in Brittany with their wholly personal  styles. Début concert in June 2005.   DUO LE BIGOT / O ‘ CONNOR : After their common adventure in “La Lugh”. Gilles and Gerry O ‘ Connor reunite for a summer tour  and record a live album in December, followed by a six-week tour in Australia in March and April. DUO LE BIGOT / VEILLON : Two old friends whose paths have continuously crossed since 1978. And,during it all, SKOLVAN never stops playing and recording albums...

2004 : Giles plays in “Les Voix de La Terre”: A production bringing together some of the greatest voices on the Celtic muscic scene: Karen Matheson, Karan Casey, Julie Murphy and Marthe Vassallo, plus nine Breton, Irish and Scottish musicians. This Show was the major event at  the “Festival de Cornouaille” in Quimper and was performed again in 2005 . The same year, Gilles plays in Glasgow for Donal Shaw’s“Harvest”  show to be played again in 2006.

2002 : After years of experimenting with different bands, Gilles decides to record a solo album, “EMPREINTES”. A band of seven musicians is formed especially for the album and to perform on stage.

1998 : Gilles accompanies the singer Manu Lanhuel for a few concerts and an album : “ Ile Elle ”

1997 : In January , Gilles goes to Ireland to record ‘ Ar Galon Digor ’ with Davy Spillane and Annie Ebrel .

1996 : Gilles is part of the band AN TOURTAN , created by the pianist Didier Squiban on the occasion of the maritime festival of Brest 96. The band records an album and parts two years later.

1993 : Beginning of the adventure of  L ‘ HERITAGE DES CELTES  with Dan Ar Braz,  opening  on july 24th 1993 in Quimper. The adventure culminates in March 2002 in Paris / Stade De France after two “victoires de la musique “awards and more than a million albums sold. This is the same year that Gilles starts working with the Bagad Kemper, working towards the “Azéliziza” produced in 2000.

1992 : ELIXIR  comes to life A trio of guitar ,flute, and percussion with Gilles, Jean Pol Huellou ( flute ) and David Hopkins ( percussions ). They will play together for four years. 

1991 : Gilles plays on  LA LUGHfirst album Gerry O’ Connor & Eithne Ni uallachain) only to become a full-fledged member of the band a few years later.

1988 : Together with Yann Fanch Kemener(voice) and Jean Michel Veillon (flute)Gilles presents the Barzaz Trio, later to be joined by Alain Genty ( bass guitar ) andDavid Hopkins ( percussions ). The group Barzaz records their first album in 1989 and tours together until 1993.

1986 : Gilles replaces  Soig Sibéril in the band Kornog  for European and American tours until the end of 1997 when the band separates. He has his first rehearsal sessions with Yann Fanch Kemener  in 1987.

1985 : First tour in the U.S.A in a duo with Serge Desaunay (accordeon) as the opening band for Kornog.

1984 : Creation of  SKOLVAN with Youenn Le Bihan and the start of Gilles’ professional career.

1982 : Tour in Yougoslavia, including an unforgetable week in Sarajevo with the bandMAGLOR composed of four musicians with Bernard Subert playing the clarinet .

1980 : He buys the guitar that he has always kept , a LOWDEN L 25 made by Georges Lowden himself. It was the beginning of an active collaboration with Irish musicians in the BRETON IRISH BAND with Desie Wilkinson (flute) and Sean Corcoran (voice and bouzouki). The band tours together until the  summer of 1984.

1978 : First “Fest-noz” band as an official member with the band GALORN ( Jean Michel Veillon , flute). They play together to great acclaim in hundreds of “festoù-noz” for the next two years in Brittany and tour in both Ireland and Holland. This period marks Gilles’ first attempts at the open tuning ( DADGAD ) style that will forever characterize his playing. He composes the tune “Jésaïg” that will become a hit in the U.S.A , recorded by Paddy Keenan (uillean pipes) and later played by Lunasa.